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Nano Risks to the environment & Human Health

NanoReTox is an international, interdisciplinary and strategic program, addressing the environmental and human implications of exposure to engineered nanoparticles. The full title of the project is "The Reactivity and Toxicity of Engineered Nanoparticles: Risks to the Environment and Human Health". Read more...

Nanoparticle research

We synthesise, label and characterise nanoparticles for the specific purpose to create reference materials for nanotoxicological studies. We use stringent criteria to generate such reference materials, to aid resolving the current uncertainties in many nanotoxicological studies. Read more...

Reactivity studies

We study the reactivity of nanoparticles we synthesise as well as those of other partners and of commercial sources. Our research suggests that the behaviour of particles in toxicological study media varies widely as a function of the particle chemistry, the way they were prepared and the nature of the media. Read more...

Toxicity studies

We use a range of in vitro and in vivo tests to assess the toxicity behaviour of a range of nanoparticles. Combined, these tests provide a powerful tool to assess the relative toxicity of the nanoparticles we study as well as the most sensitive receptors, environmental or human. Read more...


Research Teams

Research Teams

Who are we?

We are a European Commission funded research project aiming to identify the potential risks to the environment and human health posed by free engineered (i.e. manmade) nanomaterials. Our research teams are uniquely qualified across the necessary disciplines.

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Find out about our work

NanoReTox aims to release information in peer-reviewed publications, through attendance at scientific conferences and in the mainstream media. Here you can find a list of the publications produced by our interdisciplinary team. 

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Current Projects

EU NanoSafety Cluster

The EU NanoSafety Cluster is a DG RTD NMP initiative to maximise the synergies between existing FP6 and FP7 projects addressing aspects of nanosafety: toxicology, ecotoxicology, exposure assessment, mechanisms of interaction, risk assessment and standardisation. NanoReTox is one of these projects and an active participant of the NanoSafety Cluster.

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